Consulting Services

(a2) is an engineering, architecture and product design consultancy dedicated to developing smarter and more elegant solutions for the use of resources in our natural and built environments. a2 specializes in product development, intellectual property licensing, and design consulting for high performance buildings. Read below to understand our Areas of Expertise, and how to work together on your projects.

Photo by Rawpixel/iStock / Getty Images
Photo by Rawpixel/iStock / Getty Images


translation of scientific principles into   viable building components and systems

 spotting opportunities to marry architectural intent with technology & performance

team collaboration in the evolution of beautiful, highly integrated projects

understanding of building energy         codes, standards and the development      of regulation-compliant products

Photo by .shock/iStock / Getty Images
Photo by .shock/iStock / Getty Images


collaborate to more closely integrate building form and performance  

get assistance enhancing building envelope performance, aesthetics & economic return  

commission a cost benefit analysis of AirFlow™ Panels versus other systemoptions for your project  

host a professional development training     for your team on emerging building technologies

Photo by shironosov/iStock / Getty Images
Photo by shironosov/iStock / Getty Images


architectural applications offers specialized services on design and business development in order to ensure a successful & cutting edge technologies project

We can help you bid projects, communicate the energy, cost, environmental, and leasable space benefits of utilizing sustainable technologies.

a2 also offers architectural & engineering support for installation of Air Flow Panels (tm).